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Nyeri is the green heart of Kenya. The busy  town is the centre of one of the most fertile regions of the world and surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges of the Aberdares and Mt Kenya. Nyeri is the perfect destination for a family holiday; The high altitude air is fresh and healthy and Nyeri has a fantastic variety in scenery. From the cultivated tea, coffee and fruit plantations, to thick mountain forests, waterfalls, savanne and over 5000m high peaks of MT Kenya.

Aberdare Private Daytour
Aberdare Private Daytour
Aberdare National Park is one of the most fascinating parks of Kenya roughly 20 km from Nyeri.The mountain ranges rise up to 4000m and the park harbours the highest waterfall of Kenya. It is mainly covered by thick forest that feed large herds of mountain elephants, leopards, buffalo’s. Giant Wart hogs etc. This is a very exciting experience with many surprises
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Solio Ranch Private Daytour
Solio Ranch Private Daytour
Solio Ranch is a huge private park at just 22 km’s from Nyeri town. It is has a fantastic open landscape that make it easy to spot the animals like Rhino, leopard, zebra, etc. You will be picked-up in Nyeri town in the early morning and return in the afternoon.
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We are proud members of the KATO The Kenyan Association of Tour Operators. Members maintain high professional standards of operation



Asili Kenya Safari
Asili Kenya Safari
Kenya is a land of great diversity, contains a vast range of different landscapes a The Masai Mara Savannah, Aberdare Ranges, Mt Kenya the second highest mountain in Africa, and the Semi-arid Samburu National Reserve.Kenya is alsoa home to an unusually broad range of cultures.
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